Questions about Interventions

Q: When I’m in the live patient record adding interventions and I hit save, it doesn’t take away the ones I have added or put a check mark by the interventions I’ve added so how do I know what I’ve added to the POC.

A: Once an intervention is selected from the drop down it drops off the list and will no longer be available. Any intervention in green within a section in the LPR is an intervention that has been selected and will show on the plan of care.

Q: Why do some interventions not correlate to the group they show up in?

A: Because each intervention is connected to a goal (rather than a body system) and several are connected to ‘No hospitalizations this cert…’ so they show up throughout; versus those goals that are specific to only one section like Nutrition.

Q: When entering in an intervention, I wish I could change what category it is under by clicking on the intervention and editing it from there, instead of having to delete it from one section and add it to another

A: This is not possible due to the way this information flows to the mobile app

Q: How do you reflect a task that is completed over a period of time such as PRN O2 or on or off a vent on the PDN shift?

A: If an order is PRN and you are entering it as a custom: enter the intervention as 'SN to….' And then mark type as: PRN.

Vent example: ‘SN to remain on ventilator when asleep…’ these interventions that are pre-loaded are already marked as vent, if a custom is entered it must be marked as vent and then you can select a type of frequency Q hour and in the app it will show up each hour – if the patient IS on the vent they will verify and mark vent settings but if they are NOT on the vent they will simply mark as NA.

PLEASE NOTE: all pre-loaded interventions that end with ‘and PRN’ or any custom you create that end with ‘and PRN’ will show up where scheduled AND in the PRN interventions section of the mobile app so  you do not have to create it twice.